Air Conditioning your Garage

It’s blazing hot! The latest heat wave made us all realize that these extreme weather conditions are here to stay. We’ve grown custom to handle cold weather here in San Francisco and lately more and more heat wave will hit our city. Air Conditioning your Garage has become a must. And many homes install air conditioning systems in their homes.

The only problem is those system almost always don’t cover your garage. A windowless room with a giant door opening to the outside is a recipe for a sauna with temperatures soaring up to 100 degrees and more.

Using the garage space to more than just park your car is becoming more and more popular. It’s a good idea to have some cooling solution for your garage. Whether it’s for your home gym, workshop or teen unit. Not to mention that parking your car in 100 degrees room is quite uncomfortable.

Here at Integrity Garage Doors we thought to bring you this review on the current options for Air Conditioning your Garage. We organized the list by budget so no matter how much you intended to spend, you’ll find the right solution for you here.

Low budget – ( $-20 – $150 ) for Air Conditioning your Garage

Air Conditioning your Garage

If you don’t spend much time in your garage than you can consider a cheap cooling solution like fans. A celling fan is mostly not an option. Because of the space the garage door occupies bit portable fans could make the garage space more bearable.

Another low budget solution are Air Coolers. Those are the same as fans, but they have a special drawer or case which you fill up with water or ice and the fan utilize this to make the air that flows out of the fan much cooler.

Medium budget – $150 – $500 for Air Conditioning your Garage

air cooler

Here you’ll find the portable air conditioner. A very popular solution although the word portable is a bit misleading. The air conditioner is made from two separate units connected by a set of cables and tubes normally several feet long.

If you plan to move the unit to a different room than you’ll have to move both units which have considerable weight. Plus, you need to consider that the second unit must be located outdoors (which pretty much makes upper stories impossible to use).

For the garage though it’s the perfect solution. You can place the outdoor unit easily outside your garage and the indoor unit will blast cool air to your likings. Some of these unit also allow for use in the winter by blowing out hot air instead of cool air in the summer.

Another solution for the medium budget shopper is the window mounted air conditioner. Ranging from $150 – $500 this unit is placed inside a windows shaped hole and can be operated with a remote control. Some models even have Wi-Fi connectivity to allow control via smart home apps like Alexa and such.

High budget – $500 – $1,000

high budget air conditioner

In these price ranges you could afford to install a split unit. This ductless solution is the ultimate solution for Air Conditioning your Garage.

The outdoor unit is placed outside your home (it could be anywhere. Even on your roof). It is connected by set of cables which can be hidden inside your walls to the indoor unit. Which in turn shoots out very cool air (or hot) to the living space or garage. All these units come with remote control and some connect via Wi-Fi to your smart home solution.

Final words

Maybe it’s just me but when it comes to handlining the heat, I don’t cope well. I’m sitting here in my garage with the air conditioner blasting cold air. And making my garage temperature at a comfortable 70-72 degrees while outside I can see my neighbor melting. At Integrity Garage Doors we use a split unit in our garage and it’s doing a fabulous job.

Maybe not for everyone but we think you can find at least one solution which will fit your purposes.

One more thing which is important to mention and that is garage door insulation. If you plan to Air Conditioning your Garage, it’s crucial that you make sure your garage door is properly insulated. You can read more about it here.

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