Custom Garage Doors

Set apart from the rest with custom garage doors in Hayward, CA, from Integrity Garage Doors and Gates!

Are you searching for customer garage doors near me? For total style control plus quality craftsmanship and materials, rely on us. We are your leading customer garage door company in Hayward.

Our customer garage doors online feature the best and finest quality materials. Of course, you’ll have the final decision on the style of your garage door. But if you want assistance, we can make recommendations about integrating some materials.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Garage Doors?

A lot of homeowners in Palo Alto choose custom garage doors as it offers many benefits such as:

  • Flaunt Style

A custom garage door can be made for residential and commercial properties. If your business wants to set itself apart from the rest, an eye-catching business garage door, which flaunts what you stand for and have to give, is a superb option. Like residential garage doors, the owner would want your home to exude your values and style. 

  • Custom Fit

As a custom garage door is made in any size or shape, it can accommodate your unique need. It doesn’t matter if your home needs big doors for your two cars to fit in. Or you want a custom garage door big enough to keep RV safe from harsh elements- a bespoke garage door is made to suit your requirements, making sure that your content is housed safely and comfortably. 

Consult with Integrity Garage Doors and Gates about whether your garage needs to be connected to the current garage or create a standalone structure. 

Improve Living Space

A glass garage door that extends onto the garden or back patio opens the outdoor living space to take advantage of the summer season. A custom garage door allows you to add an extra layer of insulation to your house. 

  • Increase Living Space

With many people working from home, the need for additional space has become the primary concern. Rather than using the garage as a place to only park the car, why not change it into a gym, laundry, workspace, or home office? This is another chance to set up customized glass garage doors. If privacy is your main priority as ventilation and light, pick custom garage doors with window insets. Or fogged glass that offers privacy and light. 

  • Unconventional

 It depends on your area or space; you might want a garage door that opens in an unconventional way. While a custom garage door can open by operating on the conventional types of tracks, there are various mechanical lifts to open the system by swinging vertically. 

Kind of Custom Garage Doors

If you have a plan to install a custom garage door but are not sure what is the right one, call our technicians as we can help you find the best one for you: 

  • Custom Wood Garage Doors: Does your home have an elegant architectural design? Buying and setting up a generic garage door does not make sense. Therefore, if you like a designer wood garage door, contact us, and we will design and handmade your door to provide a unique and authentic feel.
  • Custom Faux Wood Garage Doors: We have offered clients superior garage door installation, maintenance, and repair services. Custom faux wood is the best but cheapest option if you need the same natural look of wood. You can improve the appearance of your property without spending a lot.
  • Custom Steel Garage Doors: Integrity Garage Doors and Gates carry diverse steel garage door styles and brands, and you are always assured of high durability and performance. If you choose to customize the garage door, we will ensure that it is made according to your style preferences and specs. 

Custom Aluminum Garage Doors:

This garage door is increasingly becoming popular. The material is tough and strong and is able to survive the harshest weather. It also offers a sleek and modern feel, making it perfect for homes with modern and contemporary designs. 

Copper Garage Doors: For homeowners wanting to give their home a distinctive and stunning appeal, think of setting up a custom copper garage door. This will look remarkable once installed, and its natural appearance will grow over time. 

Glass Garage Doors: If you want to separate your home from the rest, then the glass garage door is the best choice. We have clean and distinctive designs of glass garage doors which can boost the value and appearance of your home. 


How much do I need to pay for new custom garage doors? 

Custom garage door prices vary. However, Home Advisor reported that the average cost of installation is 1,157USD. If you opt for a single model, you must give 600USD to 1,500USD. The price depends on the material. 

How much is a fancy garage door? 

Custom work and high-end design usually range from 1,500USD to 10,000USD; locks, openers, and labor fees are excluded.