Carriage House Garage Doors

Enhance the look of your home by installing a carriage door garage. Nowadays, your choices are not limited to wood and steel doors. Contact Integrity Garage Doors and Gates now and explore the stunning carriage house garage door options. 

A carriage house style garage door offers homeowners a well-made door with various decorative choices. Made to replicate the traditional look and feel of a carriage-style garage used in the 1800s, these carriage house doors provide a charming historical appeal, which many homeowners in Hayward love. 

Integrity Garage Doors and Gates provide carriage-style garage doors that can meet the stylistic demands of any Hayward home. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to mimic the authentic barn-type door or want a simple, refined carriage style; we have the best solutions for you. 

Traditionally, carriage house garage doors were made with iron and wood hinges. They often have intricate woodwork like barn-like planking or crisscross. They also have decorative window inserts as well as over sized handles. 

On the other hand, this type of garage door can be customized to the materials and design you need. All you have to do is to call Integrity Garage Doors and Gates and discuss your specs with our professional technicians. 


We carry many lines of carriage hour garage doors for sale. The cost depends heavily on the specs and needs of the door by the home owner. Factors that can affect the price take into account the following: 

  • Kind of carriage garage door selected
  • Materials used to set up the door
  • Hardware needed
  • Whether windows will be included in the garage door

We offer low pricing to ensure that we match you with the best carriage house garage door which meets your budget. We offer warranties on our products and services. 

Types of Carriage House Garage Doors We Offer

At Integrity Garage Doors and Gates, we provide an array of designs that elevate your home exterior. You can choose from the following:

  • Custom Carriage House Garage Door: A custom carriage garage door is the best option for a superb and exceptional appearance. Our professional team is here to make that dream happen no matter what style or technical specs you have in mind. We will assist you in choosing the colors, materials, windows, and panels that will complete the look of your property. 

  • Faux Carriage House Garage Door: This kind of garage door offers the same aesthetic look of genuine and authentic wood without too much maintenance. It is a cost-efficient option that combines the toughness of aluminum, steel, or composite with the natural appearance of wood. 

  • Steel Carriage House Garage Door: We can customize the steel door to look like a carriage-style garage door. This door type doesn’t need maintenance and is not prone to rot. This can boost the elegance and charm of your property. 

  • Wood Carriage House Garage Door: Consider this kind of garage door if you have a country home. Our team of skilled technicians can design your garage door with a historic feature. You can also take benefit from the insulated carriage garage doors. 

Call Us to Install a New Carriage House Style Garage Door in your Hayward Home

If you are searching for a combination of elegant style with durability, the carriage house garage doors are the best choice. Our dedicated teams can assist you in looking for the best garage door for your residential property. Call us now for more information about carriage garage doors and other services like repair, installation, and replacement.