Genie Garage Door Openers

When it comes to a garage door opener, choosing the best and the toughest is vital. According to research, faulty garage door openers are the main reason for mishaps. Integrity Garage Doors and Gates highly recommend the Genie garage door openers. Contact us if you need reliable Genie garage door opener repair or replacement. 

Genie Garage Door Openers Services in Hayward

Garage door openers are available in various types, chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive. No matter what kind of door openers you choose, we can install or replace it. Our garage door technicians have the knowledge and expertise in Genie opener installation and other services.

We are an authorized Genie dealer in Hayward. Genie has been in the market for five decades. They are renowned for offering reliable and safe garage door openers. 

Your Reliable Genie Garage Door Repair Provider 

No garage door opener is invulnerable to malfunction or damage, which includes Genie brands. While this company is one of the best on the market, they are also prone to damage or wear and tear. Our expert technicians are experts in various kinds of services, such as:

  • Genie garage door opener programming
  • Genie garage door opener troubleshooting
  • Genie keypad replacement 
  • Genie garage door motor replacement

When Genie Garage Door Replacement Is Needed

Genie garage door openers are reliable, even if some components are likely to malfunction quickly. Our technicians get calls for Genie garage door opener replacement remotes, limit switches, etc. 

Signs you need repair or replacement are as follows: 

  • Not working wall buttons and remotes
  • Humming noise when setting off the opener 
  • The opener unit emitting smoke
  • The door not going down after pressing the button 
  • The door is not closing or opening 
  • The door opens partway 
  • Produce loud noises when operating 
  • Unresponsive photo eyes and sensors 
  • Blinking lights 
  • Burnt out capacitor 
  • The Control board is not working 

Genie Opener Repair You Can Rely On

While many believe the openers need to be replaced, they might need a quick repair. With our thorough inspection, we will check the condition and tell you what the best solution. We have the tools necessary to fix most Genie openers, and we will repair them on the first visit.

Here are the reasons your Genie garage door opener needs replacement:

  • Your existing garage door opener is an old model. Older models don’t have safety features. So, we will not fix this; instead, we recommend replacement.
  • Your garage door opener doesn’t come with photoelectric eyes. So meaning it doesn’t come with safety measures to stop the door from closing on objects or animals under the door.
  • The opener installed has been recalled. We cannot repair recalled openers.

Why choose our professional Genie repair services?

Our Genie garage door opener services in Hayward are second to none. Our technicians completed rigorous training, so you are assured of the best service. We are not the typical garage door company, as our technicians are insured and fully licensed.

We arrive in fully stocked vans to do the job right away. Before fixing or replacing your garage door opener, our friendly and skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect the whole garage door opener and other parts to determine any possible problems. This stops them from getting worse.

We are a locally owned and operated company in Hayward. For each task we do, we always keep in mind customer satisfaction. You can also check our gallery to see some of our products for sale. 

If you need a new Genie Garage Door Openers or repair, replacement, and installation services, contact us now to schedule an appointment.