Sommer Garage Door Openers

Integrity Garage Doors and Gates is your one-stop shop for Somme garage door services in Hayward. Sommer garage door openers are strong, durable, and quiet. These characteristics are not obtainable on other brands. Integrity Garage Doors and Gates is a reliable Sommer dealer in Hayward. Call us now to determine if this brand is perfect for you or not. 

We know the significance of the strength and durability of a garage door opener. This is why we join forces with Sommer to provide our clients with a range of high-quality door openers, integrating the leading innovative technology in Europe. Aside from that, we also have technicians in Sommer opener installation and replacement. 

With Sommer, we assure the toughness and durability of your door opener. It has a 24-volt DC motor situated at the garage door, not at the back of the opener, making sure high performance and reduces wear and tear. Our Sommer openers come with a lifetime warranty. 

Take advantage of our Sommer opener sale. Visit our gallery or contact us for Sommer garage door opener installation. 

Our Sommer Garage Door Opener Services in Hayward

Integrity Garage Doors and Gates offer various kinds of services for your Sommer door openers. You can count on us if you need any of these services: 

  • Sommer Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is a vital step if your garage door is not working correctly. First, you need to inspect if the opener is plugged correctly and the circuit breaker is in the right place. Ensure the door hasn’t been locked by mistake. But if all these things don’t work, call the technicians at Integrity Garage Doors and Gates for assistance.

  • Sommer Garage Door Opener Motor Replacement

You can rely on us when it comes to garage door opener motor replacement. We have known Sommer for many years now, and we are experts in garage door opener replacement. The motor plays a vital role in opening and closing your garage door; if it malfunctions, ensure to contact an expert from Integrity Garage Doors and Gates. 

  • Sommer Garage Door Opener Programming

 A broken garage door opener is annoying and leaves you and your home vulnerable. It is also simple to program your garage door opener by reading some guides online. However, you can call our experts if you are facing an issue.

Signs You Need Sommer Garage D00r Opener Service

Sommer garage door openers are tough and durable. However, constant use and lack of maintenance can result in malfunctioning parts. Here are the signs where you need the help of a professional technician in Hayward. 

  • Emitting grinding sounds but not opening
  • The door does not close or open even if you press the button
  • Main drive broken
  • Unresponsive photo eyes and sensors 
  • Wall and remote controls not functioning 
  • Worn or loose belts 
  • Misaligned or broken tracks 
  • Stripped couples, trolleys, and gears

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