Garage Door Openers


In general garage door openers are responsible for the opening and closing of your door. On an average scale, garage doors in residential areas are opened and closed up to 1,500 times in a year. It is true that a broken garage door opener can be a major setback if not repaired immediately. There are different types of garage door openers and I’ll like to explain all of them.

The Chain Drive

The chain is driven garage door openers and has a metal chain that drives the trolley used for lifting and lowering the door. This is generally the cheapest priced door opener and has been so popular among many house owners. Sometimes the chain drives openers can make noise due to the normal movement coming from the chain. If you live in a house where the garage is directly under your bedroom, the chain drive is the wrong door opener to use, but if your garage door is far from your room, then the chain drive is the best.

The Belt Drive

They are quiet and require low maintenance. When the door is activated, the belt-driven garage door opener makes use of a rubber belt to help slide the trolley. The trolley moves over the rubber and not metal and this help for smoother motion and for noise reduction.

The Screw Drive

The screw drive garage door openers has a threaded steel rod that aids the movement of the trolley. The trolley helps lift and also lowers the rod whenever it rotates. They require low maintenance and are quiet.

The Direct Drive

This garage door opener has no chain or belt or even threaded piece for its operation. The motor control’s the trolley. It rarely requires maintenance and produces a quiet and smooth operation when in motion.

Features of a Garage door openers

  • It can be manually operated when the remote is at arm’s length.
  • It has a security light indicator that turns on whenever the door is activated
  • It has a Wi-Fi integration that helps you control the garage door from anywhere by touching the screen of your tablet or phone.
  • The garage door can also be programmed to close at a specific time when not in use.
  • The garage door opener can be successfully installed in any area if your choice. Our technical team at the garage door repair bay area is always ready to help you install your garage door openers or repair it if it has any faults.


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