Broken Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement Services Hayward

Broken Garage door spring repair and replacement you can count on in Hayward!

Replacing a garage door spring is considered one of the most complex and dangerous repairs. Contacting a garage door spring replacement expert in Hayward can handle this issue immediately and professionally. With our trained and experienced technicians, Integrity Garage Doors and Gates can assist repair and replacing your garage door spring safely and quickly. 

Signs It’s Time for a Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

The garage door entirely moving up and down is called a cycle. Once the torsion springs of your garage door reach 10,000 cycles, you may discern that your garage door:

  • Falls fast
  • Feels heavy
  • Barely opens

When dragging or towing the emergency rope does not free your garage door, this almost assures an issue with the torsion spring. This may also be a sign that your garage door torsion spring broken. In this case, you have to call an expert to do a full torsion spring replacement. 

The Dangers of Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Hayward

Avoid forcing the garage door or try spring removal. If your torsion springs snap or are broken, the pressure sends them fling at a high velocity, penetrating a door or wall quickly.

Our approach to broken garage door spring puts the safety of your family and belongings first while securing your budget. After a detailed assessment, our professional technicians safely fixed the issue, setting up a new garage door spring with many years of lifespan. 

People Also Ask About Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Hayward

Can I Still Open My Garage Door With Snapped Spring?

Yes. But it is more challenging. It is advisable to be extra careful as the spring is accountable for balancing the garage door’s weight. So if it is broken, it will be more challenging and heavier to open.

Why My Garage Door Break?

A garage door spring can break for many reasons. The popular reason is that the garage door springs are worn out and old. Another possible reason is if it is overloaded with weight. This could occur if a heavy object or a car is leaning against your door, stopping it from opening. Improper tension is also another common cause of breaking.

Do I Have to Replace Both Springs on My Door?

If a single spring on a garage door is damaged or worn out, we suggest you replace both. These parts work in pairs, and if one is broken, there is a chance that the other one is damaged as well. If you replace one spring, your garage door can be unbalanced, leading to further damage.

How Long Do Garage-Door Springs Last?

A lot of homeowners believe that garage door springs last a lifetime. But, as we have stated above, these parts eventually fail when they meet the number of cycles. So, it is vital to pay close attention to the life cycle of the garage door.

Among all other garage door parts, garage door springs have a restricted lifespan. There’s no guarantee on how long these will last. However, depending on the frequency of use and the quality of the garage door springs. The average spring could last seven years. This supposes that it’s made up of 10,000 cycles and utilized only twice daily. The life expectancy of the garage door spring decreases. Once it is used four or five times a day.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Every garage door has different springs. It depends on the brand and when it was installed. Below are the two types of springs we are experts in repairing and replacing:

  • Torsion Springs: These are typical garage door springs. Torsion springs are tough and last longer. Torsion springs come in various sizes and lengths, and the spring you utilize is determined by the opening dimensions and size of your garage door. 
  • Extension Springs: This is usually found in the horizontal, upper tracks on every side of your garage door.

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Working with integrity Garage Doors and Gates technicians for overhead garage door spring repair or replacement means getting the best service possible. We have technicians with skills and know-how and have many years of experience and always arrive at each job with a good attitude and the tools required repairing or replacing your garage door spring. 

Contact us if you need single torsion spring replacement and repair services in Hayward. We will assist Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Hayward and get the garage door working as fast as possible. Call us now for a free quote!