Garage Door Drum Replacement

Do you need new garage door drums? Call Integrity Garage Doors and Gates today for a reliable garage door drum adjustment and replacement needs. We provide reliable and prompt garage door services!

Garage Door Drum Replacement Service in Hayward

Your garage door has many moving components, and some parts that make up your garage door have sharp or pointed edges. Therefore, it is not advisable to consider fixing the system yourself. You have to look for a reliable company with many years of experience.

Integrity Garage Doors and Gates will handle all your garage door drum replacement issues. We are here to provide assistance if you are facing issues like garage door drum damage or garage door drum not turning. Because of the massive weight being supported, a garage door system develops operational inefficiencies.

It is sensible and wise to address these inadequacies once you notice them. Daily maintenance of the garage door drum assists you in keeping the whole garage door system in good condition and avoiding serious issues in the future.


Garage door drums are wheels located on the top part of your garage door installed at either end of the spring support bar and play a vital role in opening and closing the door quickly. These components also help pull up your garage door and serve as spools to wrap up and store the cables once the unit is in the open position. The cables are under an enormous amount of tension and pressure. Once damaged or broken, they did not just stop the door from working correctly but also posed considerable safety risks.

Overhead Door Drum Adjustment

Some of the breakdown or malfunctioning garage door systems our technicians assess will not need a garage door drum replacement. Some of these conditions need simple garage door drum adjustment. Calibrating rollers located at the far end of the torsion spring shafts is a vital step in keeping your overhead door. These parts help the garage door’s cables and are accountable for the heavy raising of the garage door. You will find the drums above each of the garage door tracks on either part of your door opening. These drums are very complex, so make sure to call an expert for garage door drum repair or adjustment.

Trust Integrity Garage Doors and Gates for Your Garage Door Drum Replacement Needs

At Integrity Garage Doors and Gates, we offer reliable, honest repair and replacement of garage door drum for residents throughout Hayward. Our technicians are experienced and well-trained in the best ways for determining the suitable garage door drum sizes and in fixing broken garage door drums with the use of the best and superior parts and tools for lasting results.

Our technicians will be there after your call. You can count on us anytime and any day. Call us for a free estimate to replace garage door drums. We are happy to answer your concerns about the whole process! Contact us now to see how we can help you!