Garage Door Tracks Repair Hayward CA

We are your reliable garage door tracks repair service provider in Hayward!

Garage door tracks are in charge of opening and closing the garage doors seamlessly and smoothly. While bent garage door tracks are a common issue for homeowners in Hayward, the solution isn’t always straightforward and must be left to an expert. Trust your garage door tracks Repair Hayward and replacement, Integrity Garage Doors and Gates, serving Hayward and the nearby areas. 

How to Straighten Garage Door Track

The wisest and easiest answer on how to straighten the garage door track is to contact a professional handyman to fix the garage door effectively and efficiently. It may look like you could smooth out those uneven garage doors using the tools like a garage door track straightener, and you can find guides online, but remember that each garage door repair must only be entrusted to a professional. 

Bent Garage Door Tracks

Obstructions like sand, dirt and other grits can often be the leading cause of hindrance in the function of your garage door by preventing the rollers and cables from moving. This pressure created can result in the tracks bending.

Cables often pull and help the operation of your garage door. If any of them gets broken, the more unsupported weight on your garage door tracks will result in bents. 


If you notice damages on the garage door tracks, it’s your job to stop the use and call an expert to inspect it. As further use can cause damage and result in the garage door falling off its track. 

Once you see that the tracks of your garage door are bent, you can release the bolts holding the track in position. Ensure you do not eliminate them, and then gradually tap the track back into an upright position. You can use pliers to straighten them and if the tracks are straightened, ensure to tighten the bolts. 

Can Garage Door Tracks Be Replaced?

A garage door won’t work correctly if the track is bent or damaged. Indeed, you can replace garage door tracks. But you must know that the process is complex. Keep in mind that malfunctioning garage doors cause many accidents and deaths yearly. So, it is ideal to call Integrity Garage Doors and Gates. 

Get the Best Value for Your Money with Integrity Garage Doors And Gates

Our expert garage door technicians know how frustrating a damaged garage door can be. You have to get in and out of your garage and do not want to deal with the inconvenience of a door that does not work.

We repair all brands of garage door. So, If your garage door tracks are bent or damaged garage door rails, or there are any issues, get professional eyes and hands on the situation right away. We know how stressful it is to have a malfunctioning garage door, therefore we offer same-day garage door repair. Call us now to schedule an estimate, service call, and routine maintenance.  We are always available to help you!