Garage Door Off Track

Garage Door Off Track Repair Service Hayward

Your garage door can malfunction in many ways, one of which is when it goes off the tracks. If your garage door keeps coming off the track, contact Integrity Garage Doors and Gates for assistance!


These signs can determine a off track: 

Warped Tracks: Garage door tracks can warp due to exposure to different weather conditions. Also, they can bend once they are installed incorrectly. A quick assessment of the rail will show if warping has taken place. 

  • Space between the Rollers and Track: Rollers move together with the garage door track, allowing your door to open and close fast. A curved track can cause the rollers to lift from the track, creating a space between the rail and the roller. The garage door track came off the wall when the rollers were no longer moving smoothly along the length of the rail.
  • Uneven Door: If your garage door looks uneven when it opens or closes, it can come off its track. This problem shouldn’t be taken for granted, as the damage will worsen. Make sure to call an expert right away.
  • Strange Noise: A sound and annoying noise is also a sign of a garage door being off the track and crooked. A door must slide smoothly in the track and must work quietly when doing so. 


If your garage door came out of the trucks, there could be an indication of some issues, such as failed springs or cables to damage from impact. This can also be due to misalignment that usually happens when the bolts which hold the straight tracks become movable. Misaligned tracks are likely to shake when opening and closing the system, which could cause the garage door rollers to come off. 


Here are some tips on how to fix a off-track, such:

  • Disconnect the Opener: Check the overhead for a rope connecting the garage door opener. 
  • Open the Garage Door: Make sure your door is released from the opener, and raise it to open manually. 
  • Find the Jamming Wheels: When open, find the jamming wheels which are getting off the track. Close the door again if you don’t immediately see the wheels. 
  • Bring Jamming Wheels Back to Track: Ensure the tracks are secured using lock pliers. 
  • Work on the Track: When the wheels are in a proper place, use the rubber mallet to the original position to test your garage door manually.
  • Check the Automatic Mode: When the door is working manually, try to use the opener. Let the opener enter normal opening and closing mode to secure the release mechanism. 
  • Ask for Help: If the garage door doesn’t open when pressing the remote or creates grinding noise when operating, there is something wrong with the system. Calling a professional garage door repair company is highly advisable. 


If your garage door came off-chain, call a professional technician immediately. Our Integrity Garage Doors and Gates technicians have years of experience in garage door off track repair service in Hayward. Regardless of your location, we are available to service your needs efficiently and quickly. Contact us today at (510) 566-4811!