Automation Of Slide Gates

With Automation Of Slide Gates, the whole thing is comfortable, without effort. All it takes is just one button to open and close the gate without needing to get out of your vehicle. Make your life easier and add value and looks to your property.

Our product range takes account of an extensive array of motor sliding gates, outdoor automatic sliding gates, sliding gate motors, sliding gates, automation of slide gates, and many others.

We are the premiere dealer of a superior and reliable array of automatic sliding gates from different brands. So, if you live in Hayward and need slide gate service automation, don’t hesitate to contact our customer hotline.

Why Consider Automation of Slide Gates

Automated slide gates offer various kinds of benefits to homes and businesses. These take account of the following:

  • Convenience: An automated slide gate is more convenient than a manual gate. With an automated gate, you do not need to get out of your vehicle now and then to open or close the gates when you leave or arrive at your home.

  • Safety: An automated gate has a security option, including an automatic lock system with other extra features that lift the level of protection. Nobody can go inside unless they have access to the code. Unlike the conventional latches and padlocks, it’s not a simple task for intruders to break into automated gates to get access.

  • Less Space: A sliding gate doesn’t need additional space for swinging. A sliding gate is ideal for small properties.

  • Suits Conditions: A sliding gate works well in properties with extensive openings. It works best when someone cannot install a swinging gate because of uneven ground with an upward slope.

  • Tough: An automated gate is made and manufactured with the assistance of a precision system. These are made to survive any weather conditions.

  • Improve Visual Appeal: A customizable sliding gate can accommodate your preference. You can choose your gate’s size, material, safety devices, and drive system. This can boost the exterior of the property.

What We Offer

We provide automation of sliding gates of different types, such as:

Slide Driveway Gates Automation: We can provide an elegant and safe entrance. We have training in the installation and automation of slide driveway gates. Driveway gates are robust, versatile, and provide fantastic comfort. 

Slide Electric Gates: Every homeowner in Hayward needs utmost security; this is where electric slide gates come in. This gate is highly secure with state-of-the-art technology. This offers limited access to onlookers, burglars, animals, etc. 

Slide Front Gates: At Integrity Garage Doors and Gates, we offer superior and highly durable slide front gates to our beloved clients in Hayward. We have experts that install automated slide front gates as fast as possible without compromising your safety and reliability. 

Slide Security gates: If you want to secure your property from burglars, then this is the best choice. We provide the best slide security gates in the area. This gate is effective as it saves time and easily opens using automatic slide gate openers. It is also easy to install and maintain and, at the same time, add value to your property. 

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