Automation of the Gates

Automation of the Gates make your life easy, beautiful, and comfortable. Forget the hassle of manually opening and closing the gate; with one easy movement, you can activate it right in the comfort of your car or home. 

Integrity Garage Doors and Gates are reliable in automating swing gates in Hayward. 

In terms of home or business security, don’t settle for less. If you are searching for the best automatic gate system in Hayward, contact Integrity Garage Doors and Gates professionals. We are the leading automation equipment in Hayward and the surrounding areas. 

What We Do

Here is the rundown of the services we offer:

Electro-Mechanical Swing Gate Operators:  This is ideal for home swing gate leafs. This comes with a non-reversing operator and is safe from roaring because of an exclusive electric tool, which comes with the operator. An array of electro-mechanical operators; depends on the dimension of the gate leas and whether it’s a bi-parting or single lead. We provide this operator for swing gates. Therefore, you will experience conveniences and comfort in life.

Hydraulic Swing Gates Operators: This is made to provide the perks of a bigger operator in a single type. They come in many models, but it depends on the dimension of the leaf. They are primarily utilized in private residences. Locations that need utmost versatility applications, including industrial or commercial settings, and the apartment can be equipped with advanced forms of hydraulic swing gate operators

High-Security Bollards:  You can use this alone or jointly with auto-boom barriers. These are available in different sizes and models. We provide bollards for the automation of swing gates. 

Automation of Boom Barriers:

These are utilized to control car movements in a place where authorized access is required. A bar made of aluminium rises upright to allow cars to pass through. How the bar works depends on traffic flow. And just one car is permitted in each opening. We provide installation for the automation of swing gates for any premises you want. 

Wireless Gate Openers: Also, you can have this wireless gate opening system using an app or remote. You push a button on your remote. And the signal is conveyed to the opening mechanism ahead of the gates. Also, you can configure the opening system using your phone. However, it should have a fast internet connection. These enable you to open your gate comfortably as well as conveniently. Contact us now for the best automation of swing gates in Hayward. 

Trust Only the Professionals for Automation of the Gates

We are experts in the automation of swing gates and other related services, including gate installation, repair, and replacement. 

Our company is built on reputation. And we don’t pay for advertising. Therefore, referrals and word of mouth are how we develop our business. We have been operating since 2009. We continue to provide you peace of mind. You are appreciated and valued.  We can offer a user-friendly automation system for home and business customers. Contact our friendly team now for a free quote.