Electric Gate Openers

At Integrity Garage Doors and Gates, we offer peace of mind that every homeowner in Hayward will get the protection and privacy they need. With electric gate openers, rest easy so that your family and belongings are safe.


Electric gate openers are mechanized arm that assists the automated gate in opening and closing. A signal relies on an access control like a remote or keypad, which signals the motor to close or open the gate. It will automatically reverse in direction once it hits an obstruction and can keep open once instructed.

Why Consider Electric Gate Openers

There are a lot of reasons why an electric gate opener is a must-have. This takes account of the following:

  • Open and close the gate automatically
  • These are available for sliding and swing gates
  • Requires a power supply which can be solar or electric

Electric gate openers are made to operate with different sliding and swing gates. Each has a power rating to recompense for the array of weight and sizes of each gate.

An automatic swing gate opener is available in two types: articulated and linear. Articulated is pad mounted as well as functions well on heavier than usual gates and high use conditions. It’s not suggested to utilize a solid wood gate because wind resistance could pose an issue. Also, it created extra pressure on the wood frame.

Electric Opener Installation in Hayward

It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional or automatic gate; So you can have it fitted with electric gate openers. For conventional gates, we start by refurbishing the gate via an electric current supply. Then we set up an electric motor that receives current and sends signals to a keypad or remote-controlled opening and closing mechanism.

Consequently, we manufacture and install low direct current gate operator arms which are controlled by electricity. Our electric gate openers can be fitted for swing gates and sliding gates which are durable and weather resistant. We make sure that your electric gate opener works swiftly and effectively all the time.

You can operate our electric gate openers from a similar remote as the driveway gate openers for extra convenience. Contact us now for fast and instant electric gate opener services in Hayward.

Sliding Gate Openers

This type of gate opener comes with super powerful electric motors which have smartphone control capability. This gate opener is ideal for residential and commercial gates. What is more, it also provides smart security and is extremely dependable and reliable. It is also integrated with logic controls with an LCD screen for smooth operation and monitoring.

Swing Gate Electric Openers

If you want to make your life simple and easier, a swing gate electric opener is the best choice.

Our swing gate opener is not just simple but also reliable. This works via an app, pin code, and remote control. You can use the gate right in the comfort of your car.

For more information about electric gate openers and other services, contact Integrity Garage Doors and Gates. We are experts in garage doors, gates, and fences.