Garage Door Maintenance


One of the largest moving parts in your home is your garage door. However, a lot of people nowadays take their garage door for granted. Have you ever wondered if there will be a time when your garage door instantly stops working? Garage door maintenance is necessary to extend the life span of your garage door. Each year more than 30,000 people are injured by garage doors. Before contemplating a garage door repair,  there are other things to consider so as to keep your garage door in good health. These things you will determine if you want your garage door to work for decades without spoiling and without causing injury.

Pay close attention to the sound

This is the most important step to take as it requires paying close attention in order to observe the sound of your garage door when in motion. Is it jerky or is it moving smoothly? Does it usually make a grinding noise or does it work silently? Look and listen so as to know if your garage door is going to be in need of Garage door maintenance.

Tighten the hardware

On an average scale, a Garage door is said to move up and down up to a thousand times in just one year. This honestly is a lot of vibration and movement which can gradually loosen the door hardware. Always examine the roller brackets and the bolt and tighten them with a good socket wrench.

Lubricate the moving parts.

Garage door maintenance involves a constant application of grease to the moving parts. Constant Checkup and the constant addition of grease will increase the life span of your system. This basic fact is that this takes just 10 minutes a year. You can make use of white lithium grease on the screw or chain opening. You can also contact us as we are ready to provide you with a spray lubricant to help you coat the garage door overhead springs.

Check the door cables.

One thing you should never do is to tinker with the door high tension cables that help lift up the garage door. This high tension cables have enough force to wound and kill. The best thing is to check the cable condition so that can know when to call a professional. Look for any broken strands and damage close to the bottom of the roller bracket.

There is always one thing to remember when considering garage door repair and garage door maintenance which is always having a professional do the job. You can genuinely count on our professional team at the garage door repair bay area. We can help maintain your garage door and also advise you when your garage door needs repair.

Garage door repair maintanance