Winter service for your garage door

Is your garage door ready for winter?

These are busy times here at Integrity Garage Doors. It’s this time of year again when people are starting to prepare their home for winter. Although snow is very rare in San Francisco, winters can still be harsh and it’s a good idea to prepare your home for the winter. This year we’re offering a special service with a special price. Our garage door winter service.

As you may have noticed, world climate is changing. Winters get colder and we’re experiencing more extreme weather conditions than before. Strong winds, Thunderstorms, and hale are just some of the things we should expect to hit our area and with it comes power failures, floods and other surprises courtesy of mother nature.

There are many tasks people tend to take care of before winter strikes such as checking your house’s insulation, check windows and doors to make sure hinges are not loosen and that window glasses are safely installed. Some tend to forget one of the most important areas of your home – the garage.

your garage is a part of your house especially if it’s connected to the main house. Since your garage has a giant opening wall – the garage door, you need to get it ready as well.

Our Garage Doors winter service includes:

Check all moving parts – your garage door is made of a lot of moving parts, most of them are made from metal. Since metal tends to expand and contract according to the weather, it’s a good idea to check all parts are without cracks or breaks to make sure they function even on extreme weather conditions.

Oil all moving parts – some parts of your garage door require constant oiling to make sure that the friction will not destroy them. Before winter special oil should be used to make sure it won’t freeze and will work properly even when it’s very cold.

Check weather insulation – your garage door should have insulation stipes installed. This is crucial to keep heat or cold outside. an uninsulated garage door can impact heavily on your in-house temperature and your power bill. If any of the insulation stripes is damaged than it needs to be replaced immediately.

Check spring – most garage door uses heavy duty springs to ease the load of the heavy garage door from the motor. The spring also acts as a shock absorber when the garage door is fully closed or open. These springs have lifespans and they need to be checked regularly. A broken or damaged spring will damage your garage door or worse. And as mentioned above, the spring is vulnerable to cold weather. Checking your garage door spring before winter is a must.

Align garage door rails – these are just two simple metal rails guiding your garage door on its way up or down. Although they are simple, misaligned rails can damage to your garage door catastrophically. Not to mention, it’s extremely unsafe. Your garage door rails should be checked for cracks or misalignment.

Check safety measures – if you have a motorized garage door opener than you must have safety sensors installed (California bill no. 969). These sensors are there to make sure the garage door won’t close accidently when someone is near it. These sensors, often called photo-eyes work by shooting an inviable ray. Once the ray’s path is interfered in some way (kids, pets or just a box you forgot) it automatically stops the garage door operation. Another important part of your garage door you should check before winter

Final notes

Here at Integrity Garage Doors it’s important to us to offer you full transparency and help our customers to be more educated on garage doors. We believe this is the best way to make our clients happy and get the best service possible. If you have any questions or wish to order our winter service, feel free to contact us 24/7. We will be more than happy to help.

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